Online Meetings

Alan Franck fungi presentationEcology and diversity of fungi in South Florida - Dr. Alan Franck
October 2020 presentation. What species of fungi are found in south Florida? While the plant and animal diversity is fairly well known in south Florida, with numerous rarities and endemics, so very little is known about a whole other kingdom: the fungi. Our ongoing explorations in the Keys, Everglades, and the Miami area have revealed there are many beautiful, strange, and rare species of fungi in south Florida. Many of our discoveries represent the first known occurrence in the USA and Florida.

Michael GueImportance of fire to ecosystems - Michael Gue and Maya Tupaj
May 2020 presentation. The Everglades Fire Management members Michael Gue, Prescribed Fire Specialist, and Maya Tupaj, Fire Ecologist, discuss the important role fire plays in ecosystems like Everglades National Park and across the world, and give us a look into a new way of managing fire that can meet the challenges of the next century.