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Articles and Handouts

PDF DocumentAttracting birds and butterflies to your garden using Florida native plants
To attract birds, butterflies and other wildlife to your garden, you obviously need to have trees and shrubs (preferably native) with flowers and fruits. So you planted a nice native shrub with flowers right in the middle of the front yard, and you still don't see any creatures? Consider these ideas... more »

PDF DocumentFight lobate lac scale with oil spray
Lobate lac scale is a new scourge and extremely potent threat to South Florida plants. This exotic insect pest was first seen here in 1999 and last year spread into many private and public gardens and natural areas in Dade and Broward Counties. You will instantly recognize this small, dark scale with four lobes... more »

PDF DocumentGet started with your native plant landscaping!
Have your plants and live with water restriction, too. Newly-planted plants (and plants in pots) need to be watered until their roots are established... more »

PDF DocumentTips for tippy trees
You may have already cleaned up after this year's hurricanes, but you can be prepared for the next hurricane or other nasty weather with information for repairing damage to your landscape. Here is a little guidance... more »

PDF DocumentSome trees and shrubs native to South Florida
This list is recommended for use by Dade County residents. Some species listed here are not appropriate for other areas of South Florida, and additional species not listed can be grown in other areas. These plants should require no addition of water once established, if planted in an appropriate area... more »

PDF DocumentWhere to buy, see and learn about South Florida native plants
Nurseries, organizations, gardens, sources of information... more »

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