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April 2000

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ONE MAN'S WEED by John Pancoast [ excerpt from printed newsletter ]


Tuesday, April 25, 7:30 p.m., Fairchild Tropical Garden, 10901 Old Cutler Road.

"Remember the Florida 12!" Chris Migliaccio, Associate Professor of Natural Sciences at Miami-Dade Community College.

Slides from all over the state will illustrate this program on the natural history and horticultural uses of Florida's native palms and cycad. Chris will share his knowledge for selection and care of the native palms most appropriate for the growing conditions in your garden. Our speaker is a long time member of the International Palm Society as well as the Florida Native Plant Society. He is a published photographer and has taught the palm horticulture classes at Fairchild Tropical Garden for many years.

Thanks in advance to refreshment donors: Carol Richardson and Barbara McAdam (drinks and ice) and Sharon Dyer, George Childs, Ivan Felton and Eileen Cretella (snacks). If you would like to donate an extra-special plant, other item or service to auction (instead of raffle), please call Tony Koop. You or your business will be acknowledged in the Tillandsia.

May 23 meeting: George Gann, Institute for Regional Conservation — "Restoring South Florida’s Sense of Place"

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Note: All Dade Chapter members are welcome at all chapter activities. The following are planned by the Keys Activities Committee. For more information, call Jim Duquesnel at John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park, 305-451-1202.


April 10 (Monday): Joint meeting with the Upper Keys Historical Society. Key Largo Library, Tradewinds Plaza, MM 101.5. Program: Keys plant introductions.

May 24 (Wednesday): Joint meeting with Isaac Walton League at John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park.

Plant Identification begins at 7:00 (bring cuttings with leaves and flowers), with the program at 7:30, followed by a native plant raffle. Visitors, refreshments and raffle donations are welcome!

Field trips (see details below):

April 30 (Sunday) — Lignumvitae Key State Botanical Site.
May 20 (Saturday) — Florida Keys Wildlife and Env. Areas.

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Please see the details of all activities elsewhere in the newsletter.

April 25 (Tuesday) in Dade: Chris Migliaccio speaks about native palms.
May 23 (Tuesday) in Dade: George Gann, Institute for Regional Conservation — "Restoring South Florida’s Sense of Place"

Field trips:
April 9 (Sunday)— Corkscrew Marsh in Collier County — enjoy spring wildflowers and a variety of habitats.
April 30 (Sunday) — Lignumvitae Key State Botanical Site.
May 20 (Saturday) — Florida Keys Wildlife and Environmental Areas.

Special Activities:
April 22 (Saturday): Earth Day at MetroZoo (Dade Co.): DCFNPS will participate.
April 29 (Saturday): Spring plant sale at Fairchild Tropical Garden (Dade Co.). DCFNPS and member nurseries will participate.
May 4-7 (Thursday - Sunday): FNPS 20th Annual State Conference in Miami, hosted by the Dade Chapter.

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Field trips are for the study of plants and enjoyment of nature by FNPS members and their invited guests. Collecting is not permitted. Become a member so you may enjoy these activities!

April 9 (Sunday): Corkscrew Marsh in Collier County — enjoy spring wildflowers and a variety of habitats. See your March newsletter for details. Call Gwen for possible carpooling from Dade.

May: A late May trip will be planned in Dade. Please register for the FNPS conference and enjoy the great field trips on May 4 or 7!

All Dade Chapter members are welcome at all chapter activities. The following are planned by the Keys Activities Committee. Call Beth Bergh for more info.

April 30 (Sunday) -- Lignumvitae Key State Botanical Site. Meet in Islamorda to catch the ferry which leaves at 1pm. Park staff will lead us through the island’s pristine hammock. Be prepared for mosquitoes. Wear long pants and closed shoes. Space is limited so please call Beth to reserve. Cost of the ferry is $15.

May 20 (Saturday) — Florida Keys Wildlife and Environmental Areas, including Sugarloaf, Cudjoe and Wahoo Keys (all in lower Keys). Botanize with Robert Guerra of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. And check out rarely visited state lands. Meet: at 9 AM. Wear/bring: long pants, closed shoes, sun and bug protection, water and snacks. Could be a little wet depending upon recent rainfall so wear shoes that can get muddy.

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May 4 - 7

Don’t miss it!

We hope to see a lot of Dade and Keys members and friends at the programs on May 5 and 6 and field trips on May 4 and 7. Please support the committee members who have been working very hard for almost a year to make it happen. Your attendance will be the best support, but read on for more...

Volunteers. We need help with registration, setup, etc.. If you need to economize, some volunteers may contribute work hours for free attendance at part of the conference. Please call Gwen ASAP if you are interested in this.

Please help us publicize the conference! We have extra registration brochures, posters and fliers as well as an email announcement which you can distribute electronically.

Raffle donations and sponsorships. We are still happy to receive raffle items — a plant, book, frameable photograph or artwork, craft, gardening item — anything related to native plants, Florida nature, gardening, outdoor activities, etc..

Posters on scientific research, restoration and management, landscaping, educational programs and general information relating to native plants are invited. Please spread the word and contact us for more information. Deadline April 15.

Teachers please note! We have applied to have credits for Miami-Dade public school teachers to attend. Please call us.

Contact us for brochures or information at:

Conference phone: 305-644-0452

Conference email: conference@fnps.org

On the WEB: for brochure & registration form: http://www.fnps.org/dade/Conf2000.html

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April 22 (Saturday): Earth Day at MetroZoo: We will have a display and will need help to set up and/or to staff it from 10 AM to 5 PM. There will be many children at this event, and we hope to have something to interest all ages. Please call Alma Dean to volunteer for this fun event for a couple hours.

April 29 (Saturday): Spring plant sale at Fairchild Tropical Garden. DCFNPS and member nurseries will participate. We need a few members to help shoppers with questions about native plants and our organization. Please call Carol Farber as soon as possible we can submit the volunteer list to Fairchild.

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Broward Native Plant Society meetings: 2nd Tuesdays, 7:30 p.m. Secret Woods Nature Center, _ mile west of I-95 on W. State Road 84 in Ft. Lauderdale. Social time is at 7:00. Call 954-523-0288. April 11: Sean McSweeny, "Planning for the Urban Forest". May 9: Phyllis Anderson, "The Nature Conservancy and Forever Florida Update".

Miami-Dade County Parks, Natural Areas Management Volunteer Workdays. Call 305-257-0933 for more information. April 15: Baynanza Bay Cleanup— call DERM, 305-372-6474. April 29: Big George Hammock (SW 141 St. & 149 Ave.) May 6: Boystown Pineland (SW112 St. & 138 Ct.)

Gifford Arboretum, Univ. of Miami: Thursday, April 13 — Gifford Arboretum Millennium Lecture, "Researchers and Policy Makers Unite to Sustain Tropical Forests" — Dr. Peter Ashton, Harvard University. 6:00 tour of Arboretum (corner of San Amaro and Robbia); 7:30 lecture in Cox Science Center; 8:30 reception. Saturday, May 13 "Workshops in Horticulture" speaker is Dr. Jack Parker, Professor of Environmental Science and Chemistry at FIU. Planting trees in South Florida: choosing the right species, the right location by the concepts of ecological landscaping. Both events are free. Call 284-5364 for more info.

MDCC Kendall Campus. Landscape Technology Program, evening classes for credit or audit, May 8 - July 27. Contact the Program Director, Ron Mossman, 305-237-2583 or Horticulture II - maintenance and management of a horticulture business using the 2-acre nursery as the hands-on lab for the course. Landscape Construction - site analysis and preparation, reading blueprints, etc.

Community education course: "Native Plants of South Florida and Their Landscape Use". Survey of plant communities and plants suitable for landscape use. Tu/Th 4/13-20, $32. Optional Lignum Vitae Key field trip. Call 305-237-2612.

Kenwoods Learning Center picnic, Saturday, April 29, 11AM to 2 PM, 9300 SW 79th Avenue. The annual Arbor Day Picnic will recognize several families who have landscaped their homes predominantly with natives. By presenting these neighbors with the "Native Florida Naturescape" designation developed by the Palm Beach FNPS Chapter, we hope to encourage others to use natives. The picnic’s theme will be "using water wisely" and will feature a presentation by the South Florida Water Management District and their mascot "Freddie". As always, DCFNPS members and families are invited. The event is free and food and beverages will be available for a nominal charge. There will also be a silent auction including native plants, a tour of the new annex building native landscaping (a FNPS "Design with Natives 2000" nominee), music by the Kenwood Chorus and a DJ. - Henry Block.

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ONE MAN'S WEED by John Pancoast

[The March issue of Fairchild Tropical Garden’s Garden Views features a spotlight on herbarium volunteer Wes Jurgens. Wes’s wonderful illustrations were featured in 40 issues of Tillandsia through the early 1990s, with accompanying articles by John Pancoast. We often use small versions of his drawings which he graciously has allowed us to use as decoration (e.g., at the top of the conference brochure). He also drew our chapter logo. In honor of Wes’s contributions to the world of plants, we are reprinting "One Man’s Weed" from the October, 1991, Tillandsia. Locust berry is in glorious raging bloom this month! Ed.]

Locust berry, Byrsonima lucida, is an easy-to-grow, tropical shrub that should be used by more native plant fanciers. During the spring and early summer, it produces a myriad of flowers that change color from white to blush and pink. The berrylike fruit is small, less than a half inch wide. It is a slow grower, gaining about a foot a year. It grows best in full sun and in loose soil similar to those in the limestone ridge areas of South Dade County. It has few pests but does not tolerate cold weather.

This plant is generally a large, wide shrub but may become a small tree up to 30 feet high after many years. In your garden, you may use it in massed beds, or use as an accent plant to see the flowers and the leaves which grow in clusters that have been compared to "schools of fish".

It is native to the pinelands of southern Dade County and the Keys, where it grows in pockets in the limestone soils. This plant resembles other members of the Malpighia family such as Barbados cherry and "dwarf holly", which have already found homes in our gardens. In common with these plants, it has opposite simple leaves and flowers with five sepals containing two glands and five, distinctly clawed petals.

The Malpighia family, which is found primarily in the American tropics, contains about 800 species of which 100 are found in the genus Byrsonima.

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