Where do I Obtain Native Plants?

These are some nurseries which sell South Florida native plants. They may be wholesale nurseries which will sell retail by appointment. Be sure call ahead for information. Some also sell non-native plants, so be an educated shopper if you are in search of natives.

Please ask your neighborhood garden center to carry natives! Numerous other wholesale nurseries carry some natives and are a source for retail nurseries or landscape professionals. Please call the Florida Nursery, Growers and Landscape Association (FNGLA) for more information. Some nurseries with natives are members of the Florida Association of Native Nurseries (FANN).

Also look for native plant sales - or free plants - from organizations, parks, government agencies.


Featured Plant:

Coontie, Florida arrowroot (Zamia integrifolia)

Common cycad in pine rocklands of Miami-Dade. Also in Fla., Ga., Bahamas, Cuba, Cayman Islands. Larval host for atala butterflies.

  • 1-4 feet tall
  • Slow growing
  • Will grow in nutrient poor soils, prefers some organic content
  • High drought tolerance
  • Full sun to light shade
  • Dioecious, with male and female flowers (cones) on separate plants
  • Brilliant orange seeds
  • If attacked by atala larvae it might be unsightly for an extended period

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Information from: Natives For Your Neighborhood - The Institute for Regional Conservation